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BEAL Contract 10.5 mm Rope (200 m) White

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Detail Produk BEAL Contract 10.5 mm Rope (200 m) White


Contract 10,5 mm     IdN BEAL : 1

Euro Norm
• STATIC STRENGTH 2500 daN (kg)
• NUMBER OF FACTOR 1 FALLS 12 (100 kg) ≥ 5
• IMPACT FORCE FACTOR 0.3 5,00 kN ≤ 6 kN
• ELONGATION 50/150KG 2,9 % ≤ 5 %
Before any use, read this notice carefully and then retain it.

3 year guarantee
EN 1891
               Made in France
Type A : Rope for use in caving, for rescue, and in rope access work. In the latter case the rope is used for access to and from the work site, in conjunction with other equipment, and work positioning in tension or suspension on the rope.
Type B : Rope with a performance level inferior to ropes of type A. During use greater attention must be paid to protection against the effects of abrasion, cutting and of normal wear as well as to reducing the possibility of falls.
If in the practice of speleology, of work from ropes, work at height, or in fixing ropes for rescue or security, users find themselves in a position where they need to free climb, they must use a dynamic rope conforming to Norm EN892. Low-stretch ropes must never be used in situations which could result in a fall greater than factor 1.
The security system must of necessity have a reliable anchor point, at the same height or above the user. All slack in the rope between the user and the anchor point must be avoided.
The different elements composing a safety chain (harness, connectors, slings, anchor points, belay devices, descenders…) must conform to European Norms and be used in full knowledge of their limitations in progression and in security systems.
In case of use with a mechanical device such as a fall-arrester or other adjustment element, ensure that the diameter of the rope and its other characteristics are adapted to, and compatible with the device.
The recommended knot for tying-on is a welltightened figure of 8 loop.
Do not use a karabiner for tying-in if there is the risk of a fall.
Terminations may be made at any point along the rope with a figure of 8 loop. The minimum length of rope which must extend from both sides of each such knot is 10 cm. Any other type of termination must be agreed, in writing, by BEAL, before use.
This equipment must be personally allocated to a competent person for the entire life of the system.
Before first use, soak the rope and leave to dry slowly. It will shrink by about 5 %. Take this into account when calculating required lengths.
Before first use, it’s essential to unwind the rope as shown in the diagrams to avoid twists and kinking.
The rope must be protected against sharp edges and tools in use.
Rubbing of 2 ropes running at unequal speed in a connector generates heating which can lead to rupture.
Avoid over-rapid abseiling or lowering which could burn the rope and accelerate sheath wear. The melting temperature of polyamide is 230°C. This temperature may be attained during very rapid descents.
Check that there are no burrs or snags on descenders and other components.
When affected by water or ice the rope becomes much more sensitive to abrasion and loses strength: redouble your precautions.
The temperature in which the rope is stored or used must never exceed 80°C.
Before and during use, the possibility of rescue in case of difficulty must be considered.
A rope must not be allowed contact with chemical agents, particularly acids which may destroy the fibers without visible evidence. In the case of cleaning agents or paints specific pre-use tests must be made.
Avoid unnecessary exposure to UV, store the rope in a cool, shaded place, away from dampness and direct heat.
It is preferable to use a rope bag for transport, to protect from dirt and minimise twisting.
If the rope is dirty, it may be washed in clear cold water, if necessary with a washing agent designed for delicate textiles, using a brush made with synthetic bristles. Disinfect only using materials that have no effect on the synthetic materials used.
If the rope is wet, after use or washing, leave to dry in a cool, shaded place.
Before and after each use inspect the rope visually and manually along its entire length.
This product must be inspected by a competent person periodically and meticulously, every 3 months if in frequent use, annually for occasional use.
The rope is personal equipment. During any use away from you it may be subject to grave damage, which may not be visible.
If a rope is cut into a number of lengths, repeat and affix to each new end the markings of the original ends.
Lifetime = Time of storage before first use + time in use.
The working life depends on the frequency and the type of use.
Abrasion, UV exposure and humidity gradually degrade the properties of the rope.
Note that with use, a rope thickens and thus loses up to 10 % length.
Storage time : In good storage conditions this product may be kept for 5 years before first use without affecting its future lifetime duration in use.
Lifetime :
The potential lifetime of this product in use is 10 years.
Attention : This is only a potential lifetime, a rope could be destroyed during its first use. It is the inspections which determine if the product must be scrapped more quickly. Proper storage between uses is essential. The lifetime of the rope in use must never exceed 10 years. The total maximum lifetime (storage before use + lifetime in use) is thus limited to 15 years.
The rope must be retired immediately :
– if it has held a fall
– if inspection reveals or even indicates damage to the core
– if the sheath is very worn
– if it has been in contact with any active or dangerous chemicals.
– if there is the slightest doubt about its security.
The recommendations listed above must be respected.
The various cases of wrong use shown in this notice are not exhaustive, there are innumerable wrong uses possible, it is not feasible to show them all.
Speleology, rope access work, abseiling, tyrolean traverses are dangerous activities which may lead to serious injury or even death.
Special knowledge and training are required to use this product.
An apprenticeship in appropriate techniques and safety measures is the responsability of the user, who takes on responsability for all risks and damages which may arise from the use of this equipment.
This product must only be used by competent and responsible persons, or those placed under the direct control of a competent person.
Failure to follow these warnings increases the risk of injury or death.
The use of “second-hand” equipment is strongly discouraged.
You are responsable for your own actions and decisions.
CE : Conformity to the European directive
0120 : Number of the Notified Body, SGS 217-221 London Road – Camberley – Surrey – GU15 3EY – United Kingdom
Serial number : The last 2 digits indicate the year of
A 10.5 : Type A rope with a diameter of 10.5 mm
B 9.0 : Type B rope with a diameter of 9.0 mm
EN 1891 : 1998 : Number and year of the technical reference
Notified body for CE type-examination : CETE APAVE SUDEUROPE – BP 193 – 13322 MARSEILLE Cedex – France, no 0082
This product is guaranteed for 3 years against any faults in materials or manufacture. Exclusions from the guarantee: normal wear and tear, modifications or alterations, incorrect storage, poor maintenance, damage due to accidents, to negligence, or to improper or incorrect usage.
BEAL is not responsible for the consequences, direct, indirect or accidental, or any other type of damage befalling or resulting from the use of its products.
Ets BEAL – 2, rue Rabelais – 38200 Vienne FRANCE
Tél : 33 (0)4 74 78 88 88 – Fax : 33 (0)4 74 85 27 76
http://www.beal-planet.com – email: beal@beal-planet.com
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